Are you thinking about cutting back on how much you use the mail to communicate with your organization’s customers or contacts?

Here are some of the comments you might hear from people outside the mailing industry, and suggestions for gently introducing a more informed point of view…

We can send thousands of emails for almost nothing. Why should we use postal mail?

Consumers receive 157 email marketing messages per day and only 2 via direct mail. There is a lot less competition in the postal mailbox and virtually every direct mail piece is handled by the recipient. With spam filters, abandoned email accounts, junk folders, and human filtering, the same cannot be said for email.

Mail is old-fashioned. Everybody uses PC’s, smart phones and tablets these days.

Consumers have lots of choices for how to communicate today. Interestingly, they still seem to prefer the mail for some types of messages. Adoption of paperless bills and statements has stabilized, with a majority of consumers still preferring paper. When it comes to corporate identity, postal mail is
the only channel where the sender has full control over the colors, fonts, images, and layout. If you want to control the message and reach the most people, postal mail is a channel worthy of consideration.

The price of postage keeps going up – it’s getting too expensive to mail.

Compared to other essential business costs like transportation, insurance, and employee benefits,
postage rates are quite modest. By taking advantage of workshare discounts and special USPS promotions, mailing professionals can minimize the effect of postage rate increases which are capped by law and only come once a year. Mail operations experts have many techniques to lower the overall cost of mailed communications and can help their customers with this effort.

The next time your customers suggest that mail isn’t worth the investment, probe a little deeper. Your
customers might just find out that mail is more of a bargain than they thought.

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